Dramatic Cat….


Strange Facts About Cats


Advice For Kitten Owners !

When you get your kitten home, take it out of its basket, place it on a smooth, flat surface and ask it to stand very still and not make a noise. The kitten will be very disorientated in its new environment, so if it manages to heed your advice and not move for over twenty minutes, it’s a good sign that the kitten has a stoical character and will be equipped to withstand life’s setbacks with equanimity. After ninety minutes or so, tell the kitten it can relax, and reward it with a small snack: some muesli, perhaps, or three or four organically grown leeks.

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Places That Cats Sleep



The Ultimate Cat-House

After getting feedback from thousands of pet owners, a Japanese company has designed a house centered around the needs and desires of the average house cat.

Japanese construction company Asahi Kasei created a home that includes platforms, hidden tunnels and even a litter box situated next to the toilet.

How cool is that?

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Pet Coupons

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